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Police officer wrongly arrested

Would this case have went to court if there was no need for corroboration?
Big Wullie

Never seen a McFlurry cause so much McFuss lol:

The gist of the complaint, as she subsequently ascertained, was that Miss Powell was alleged to have thrown a McFlurry ice cream at Mr Donaldson.

What a waste of public funds again.
Big Wullie

Independence and Impartiality of investigations called into question again:

[47]     It is my considered opinion that this investigation should never have been placed with the then Detective Sergeant McGovern and she should never have undertaken this very sensitive investigation. Because of the previous intimate relationship between the pursuer and the investigating officer’s now husband, the unbiased, objective and independent observer would, in my opinion, readily conclude that the enquiry did not have the necessary element and appearance of independence and objective fairness. Bluntly, when a matter as serious as an attempt to pervert the course of justice falls to be investigated, it is essential that the enquiry officer who is appointed must have no connection with the officer under investigation. In the circumstances of this case, I consider that the appointment of Ms McGovern could not withstand objective scrutiny and criticism. Even at this first stage of an investigation which could potentially lead to a prosecution and a sentence of imprisonment, it is important that objective criteria, which are readily applied and observed in so many other cases, are also rigidly adhered to in these circumstances. Although it was not necessary for the determination of this case that malice on the part of the investigation officers be established, it seems to me that, standing the accepted relationship between Ms McGovern’s now husband and the pursuer, it would not have been difficult to have held that malice was established.

What a great pity when it comes to the very same judges not acting in the same independent and impartial fashion they want the police to act with they do not apply the same principles:

Larger Version:
Big Wullie

Two words our courts do not have in their vocabulary only when it concerns their colleagues:

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