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IN MEMORY OF ANNIE BORJESSON - The fight for justice goes on


December 4, 2005 Swedish Annie Borjesson was found dead
on the shore beside the esplanade in Prestwick, Scotland.

Annie Börjesson Facebook Event - Looking for witnesses!

If you have FB please help us by sharing the event so that we are able to reach out world wide to find all those who lived at Linton Court Apartments in Edinburgh during 2004 and 2005 at the same time as Annie did, and also to reach out to those who knew her during the time she lived in Scotland and Edinburgh. We know that many of you have very important information to share.

* We are still looking for the answers about Annie's suspicious death.
* Still trying to find the other witnesses that were present on
Prestwick Beach the same morning that Annie was found dead.
* Still looking for Annie´s friends that may have very important information.
* Still looking for the impostor, using the identity of the former Scottish rugby star Mr. Martin Leslie - The man that looked like a young Mr Leslie - or anyone who knew or knows this man that used Mr Leslie´s identity in 2005.

Please take part of the articles about Annie in Scottish Review,
"The mysterious life and death of Annie Borjesson", by Kenneth Roy:

A dossier by Mr Roy containing new evidence was sent to the Scottish Police asking for a review of Annie´s case, however Police Scotland has stated that already when they shut down the case in 2006, they knew that;

- Annie´s remains only contained one species of fresh water diatom's, which we all could have internal from drinking plain tap water. However Annie´s body was found on a salt water beach and the diatom test was conducted by Swedish authorities 15 May 2007.

- The movements of Annie and other individuals at the CCTV-coverage does not match up to the time histories provided at the images. This suggests that the CCTV-coverage has been manipulated.

- A senior member of the Scottish Government gave an assurance to the Swedish government that a witness statement indicating that someone fitting Annie's description was seen standing at the water's edge looking out to sea at about 16.30 hours. However there could have been no such identification since the witness statement that was given to us sayes that the witness; saw a man standing on the shore having on a white or beige coat reaching down half thigh, and a dark colored dog was running loose in the area.

A person fitting this description has also been caught on some of the CCTV images from Station Road, however not been found or identified by the Police or by those who are to find the truth about what happened to Annie during the 16 hours she was missing, from last seen (and identified) at the CCTV coverage from Prestwick Airport and found dead the morning after. This The Police have unfortunately refused to do.  

This means that Swedish authorities and Annie´s family and friends have up until now 9 years after Annie's death in suspicious circumstances, been misled by the Scottish Police.

Please make Annie´s case known and spread the information about Annie to all your friends.

Guje Borgesson and Maria Jansson
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Sincere thanks to all those who have supported Shirley and challenged miscarriages of justice on this forum.