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Big Wullie

James (Jim) Keegan QC Masterclass Speech

Six of Scotland's finest Criminal lawyers discuss advocacy, law and procedure in a masterclass seminar. Featuring :-

Donald Findlay QC - Closing speeches - How to have maximum impact with a jury.

Frances McMenamin QC - How to approach vulnerable witnesses and children.

Brian McConnachie QC - The art of cross examination.

James Keegan QC - A guide to preparation of High Court cases.

Shelagh McCall, Advocate - The abolition of corroboration - impact and possible solutions.

Claire Mitchell, Advocate - New procedures for Appeals - The Gill review.

6 hours CPD plus lunch included.

Makes me laugh when we know Keegan did not interview any of my witnesses prior to my trial.

Did not call a witness saying the driver was double the age of me with brown hair and a moustache.

Did not call my Lawyer who said the police had number 2 out his mouth before turning to view the ID Parade.

Did not seek a copy of a second ID Parade showing the police Identified someone else.
And in which the postman that partially identified me at the first parade said he thought the person at number 5 might have been his attacker.

Is now blaming Bill Taylor QC for obtaining the Crown Precognitions from the Advocate Depute at trial.

His statement to the courts and my Solicitor can be viewed here:

Blames everyone but himself despite the preparation of the trial being his duty.

Like I have said for years:

If he did not interview my witnesses and did not ask Crown for their statements then exactly what did he go to trial with.

Even more shocking is the thought............. What did he present to Bill Taylor QC in order for him to conduct the trial ? Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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Sincere thanks to all those who have supported Shirley and challenged miscarriages of justice on this forum.