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Big Wullie

Justice Scotland Non Existent Website

For some strange reason Justice Scotland website has disappeared.

Wonder if anyone can shed some light ?
Iain McKie

The Justice Scotland AGM was told it had been taken down for technical reasons.

No further explanation was forthcoming.

I have requested information from Justice.
Big Wullie

I have been trying to access it for days now to no avail.

The Justice one is still there just the link to Scotland that is gone.
Big Wullie

I asked Justice to supply the names of their members from Scotland and as we all know not too long ago their were readily available on their website.

I was told this:

Dear Wullie,

As the strategy states, there are 63 members of JUSTICE who are located in Scotland and are therefore considered members of JUSTICE Scotland. We donít publish details of members, due to data protection, we cannot share the names or contact details of these people as they have not agreed for this to happen. The lists on the website are of office holders, members of our governance bodies, such as the Scottish Working Group, and patrons of our appeal who have all agreed to have their names publicly shared.

Iím sorry I couldnít be more help in this instance.

Kind regards,


Sarah Bond, Membership and Communications Coordinator, JUSTICE, 59 Carter Lane, London EC4V 5AQ.

Strange because they never asked for my permission before posting my name on their website previously.

Also strange because they publish a list of their members in England.

Members of the Executive Committee and Council were also previously available.

Is this a sign of Scotland being more secretive than England.
Big Wullie

You can view all the members of Justice here including Executive Board and Council Members :

All will be revealed soon.
Iain McKie

Response received from JUSTICE re the Justice Scotland area of their website.
Unfortunately we are experiencing some issues with our website at the moment which has affected three of the main headers on the home page, including the JUSTICE Scotland area. We are working on fixing this with our web company as quickly as possible but is there some information I can help you with in the interim?

It appears as if JUSTICE  has revamped its website. I will continue to monitor this situation and report as appropriate.
Big Wullie

Notice some changes but still no Scottish link like they had previously telling everyone who their working group and executive committee were.

According to a response I got, when you join any committee or group they take it for granted you agree to your name being published but they are still refusing to name any of the working group or executive committee despite them having them previously on their website link to Justice Scotland. Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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