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Big Wullie

Kenny MacAskill Bites The Bullet

The Headline is great but I fear it will just be another whitewash like all his previous speeches.

Kenny MacAskill bites the bullet and agrees to explain to Holyrood why more Scots police are routinely carrying guns

Aug 02, 2014 09:55

By David Clegg

THE SNP minister has performed a humiliating U-turn amid growing anger over the regular presence of armed officers on the streets.

Ken Jack  

Armed police who were on routine patrol in Glasgow attend a road traffic incident
KENNY MacAskill bowed to public pressure yesterday and finally agreed to explain the spread of armed police on Scotland’s streets to parliament.

The SNP Justice Secretary performed a humiliating U-turn amid growing anger at bobbies on routine police business carrying guns.

He had originally refused to make a ministerial statement on the issue but will now do so on Tuesday.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “Armed police officers have been a longstanding feature of policing in Scotland and it is for the Chief Constable to make operational decisions about where and when to deploy resources.

“Police Scotland has emphasised that it regularly reviews the use of standing firearms authority. The Scottish Police Authority is also keeping the issue under review.

“In the first year of Police Scotland, specialist firearms units attended more than 1300 incidents across the whole of Scotland – including more than 100 in the Highlands.

“The approach taken by Police Scotland is an operational decision which allows officers to be deployed quickly in the event of any emergencies.”

Armed police attend routine incident in Glasgow city centre caused by a bus braking suddenly

But Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman Graeme Pearson described the move as a “massive climbdown” for MacAskill.

“Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish Police Authority and Chief Constable of Police Scotland seem to think they are accountable to no-one, that it is acceptable that they make key decisions that fundamentally change the nature of Scottish policing in private with no Parliamentary input or public consultation,” he said.

“It is no way to run a national police force.

“Kenny MacAskill is quick to trumpet that crime is at a 39-year-low and gun crime has been cut by over a third, yet he cannot justify why the organisation he is supposed to have control over were allowed to make the decision to arm officers.

“It makes no sense and he needs to explain to Parliament why he allowed this to happen.

“I hope his statement next week will include an acknowledgement that people in Scotland have made it clear that they do not want police officers routinely armed on the streets.

“I hope he will take this opportunity to listen to the concerns of our citizens who through radio phone-ins, letters in the media, articles and contacts with MSPs across the political divide have made clear that they don’t want armed officers on our streets.

“But I fear that he will do what he always does, he will dismiss the concerns of the many to protect his own position."

Mail Opinion: Just who in Scotland is policing the police?
Big Wullie

Kenny MacAskill is quick to trumpet that crime is at a 39-year-low and gun crime has been cut by over a third

So why the need to put Armed police on routine patrol ?

Like all the other stats they come out with, we have no real way of knowing if they are true.
Big Wullie

I recall also that the last Lord Advocate also Mislead Parliament when she said 15% of trials in England take place without an accused being present.

FF to the last minute of this video to hear her being questioned by the whisper from her colleague Hugh:

15% he whispers, the look on her face tells us she lied:;list=UUJKZtxYDEpQ_FydrVhiTjCA Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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