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Iain McKie

Matalan and Bangladesh

Articles like the one below certainly make me re-think where I spend my cash. Power without responsibility needs to be tackled and the only way appears to be by direct action to marginalise these companies.

The collapse of the Bangladeshi factory killed 1,129 people and injured 2,515 in April 2013. Matalan was the only large British retailer not to have donated money, according to the campaign group 38 Degrees.

The group's Susannah Compton said: "This week, tens of thousands of people emailed, called and tweeted Matalan to tell them they couldn't walk away from the devastating consequences of the Rana Plaza disaster.

"It looks like good news for people power that Matalan has said that it will pay into the official compensation fund.

It really makes you think what your bargain is costing others. Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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