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New Justice Committee Inquiry:CCRC

[This review of the work of the CCRC is an opportunity that should not be ignored. The CCRC is still tied to the Court of Appeal, there needs to be an Independent Court to deal with referrals from the CCRC.

The CCRC has in no way 'fulfilled the expectations and remit which accompanied it at its establishment following the 1993 report of the  Royal Commission on Criminal Justice' or 'is in general appropriate and sufficient' for the many 'Miscarriages of Justice'. Probably the most important change that is needed, is the CCRC second guessing the court of appeal, that the CCRC has always admitted is the way it decides whether to refer a case.]

The Justice Committee took oral evidence from the Criminal Cases Review Commission on its work on 14 January 2014 []. Following that it sought comments on the work of the CCRC from certain academics and lawyers, and then offered the CCRC a chance to respond to those comments. These written submissions are published here . . . .

The Committee now proposes to follow up this subject by holding a short inquiry into the work of the Criminal Cases Review Commission. It would therefore welcome written submissions on the work and effectiveness of the CCRC. These submissions may address any aspect of the CCRC's work, but those making submissions should note that the Justice Committee may not examine or consider individual cases which are currently before the Commission or the courts.

The Committee would be particularly grateful if submissions could address the following points:
Whether the CCRC has fulfilled the expectations and remit which accompanied it at its establishment following the 1993 report of the  Royal Commission on Criminal Justice

Whether the CCRC has in general appropriate and sufficient

(i) statutory powers and

(ii) resources to carry out its functions effectively, both in terms of investigating cases and in the wider role of promoting confidence in the criminal justice system

Whether the "real possibility" test for reference of a case to the Court of Appeal under section 13(1) of the Criminal Appeal Act 1995 is appropriate and has been applied appropriately by the CCRC

Whether any changes to the role, work and remit of the CCRC are needed and, if so, what those changes should be.

The deadline for written submissions to be made is Friday 5 December 2014.

Written submissions should be made via the web portal:
Submit written evidence

The personal information you supply will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of attributing the evidence you submit and contacting you as necessary in connection with its processing. The Clerk of the House of Commons is the data controller for the purposes of the Act. We may also ask you to comment on the process of submitting evidence via the web portal so that we can look to make improvements.

Each submission should:
a) be no more than 3,000 words in length
b) be in Word format with as little use of colour or logos as possible
c) have numbered paragraphs
d) include a declaration of interests.

Please note that:
Material already published elsewhere should not form the basis of a submission, but may be referred to within a memorandum, in which case a hard copy of the published work should be included.

Memoranda submitted must be kept confidential until published by the Committee, unless publication by the person or organisation submitting it is specifically authorised.
Once submitted, evidence is the property of the Committee. The Committee normally, though not always, chooses to make public the written evidence it receives, by publishing it on the internet (where it will be searchable), by printing it or by making it available through the Parliamentary Archives. If there is any information you believe to be sensitive you should highlight it and explain what harm you believe would result from its disclosure. The Committee will take this into account in deciding whether to publish or further disclose the evidence.

More information on submitting evidence to Select Committees may be found on the parliamentary website at:

Please be aware that the Justice Committee is unable to investigate individual cases.

Further information:

Committee Membership is as follows:
Rt Hon Sir Alan Beith (Liberal Democrat, Berwick-upon-Tweed) (Chair); Steve Brine (Conservative, Winchester); Rehman Chishti (Conservative, Gillingham and Rainham); Christopher Chope (Conservative, Christchurch); Jeremy Corbyn (Labour, Islington North); John Cryer (Labour, Leyton and Wansted); Nick de Bois (Conservative, Enfield North); John Howell (Conservative, Henley) Rt Hon Elfyn Llwyd (Plaid Cymru, Dwyfor Meirionnydd); Andy McDonald (Labour, Middlesbrough); John McDonnell (Labour, Hayes and Harlington); Yasmin Qureshi (Labour, Bolton South East).

Specific Committee Information: 020 7219 8196/8198

Media Information: Liz Parratt 020 7219 1708

Committee Website:

Follow us on Twitter @commonsjustice

Watch committees and parliamentary debates online:

Publications / Reports / Reference Material: Copies of all select committee reports are available from the Parliamentary Bookshop (12 Bridge St, Westminster, 020 7219 3890) or the Stationery Office (0845 7023474).  Committee reports, press releases, evidence transcripts, Bills; research papers, a directory of MPs, plus Hansard (from 8am daily) and much more, can be found on

Ana Ferreira
Senior Committee Assistance
Justice Committee
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