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Iain McKie

Paris and the aftermath

No-one who deplores injustice can avoid the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris.

Unfortunately ignorance of the root causes and images of revenge only serve to cause further pain and suffering among the innocent.

A couple of interesting articles which made me think.
S Lean

The comments section of the first article is indicative of exactly the sort of reaction we have come to see over and over again. Blaming all muslims for the acts of a tiny number of terrorists is illogical and unjust, but creates the exact "them and us" mindset that keeps us divided, fearful and for some, vengeful.

This, I think, is only the beginning of even more media driven hatred, bigotry and violence.
Iain McKie

Let's hope not.

I have many discussions about the root causes of such terrorism and no single cause fits the bill.

The unforeseen consequences of 'foreign' excursions  into the Middle East prompted either by a seen need to protect our oil interests or to obliterate a cruel dictator are often at play. But the subtleties of the chain reactions  that flow from a single act often defeat our leaders having causes buried deeply in history.

In every society there will be a minority of dissidents willing to take the law and life into their own hands given any perceived  ‘excuse’ no matter how pathetic their cause.

I am still a believer in the basic goodness in most of humanity to have the empathy to understand that pain and suffering is pain and suffering and that regardless of our ethnic, religious or political backgrounds when you cut us we all bleed.

The philosophy and politics of terrorism and war offers an endless debate but apparently few solutions. History rolls on and innocents  continue to suffer.

All I can do is to examine my prejudices and while I don’t expect debate  when faced with  the business end of a Kalashnikov I do expect my leaders to pursue humanity's interests and not their own narrow self interest.

Naive? Probably but what is the alternative?
S Lean

I do hope not, with all my heart.

But the comments following the article in your prevous post sadly reflect much of what I'm hearing in my day to day life, even from people who seem otherwise reasonable and rational.

What worries (and saddens) me is the level of fear underpinning these responses - regarding a report that a number of refugees were to be accommodated in an area fairly near here, one of the responses was "I'd be terrified. Honestly, I'd move." Another was "that's exactly how they can do what they do - we're putting them right in the middle of our communities."

These are ordinary people who are normally intelligent and compassionate - if this is pointed out to them, their replies, generally, are "This  is different."

I think that amongst the intelligent community, we are sensible enough not to blame Muslims for any of these atrocities, for the most part they are decent peace loving people, who take care of their own.

It saddens me that there are many who are now sticking a label on the Muslim people of our society, but I see these people as being largely ignorant, who for the most part, seem to hang on every word spread by the media.

Something must be done about the terrorists who carry out such attacks, and what worries me is that there may very well be some, already here in the UK. but under the radar planning and co-ordinating another attack on defenseless people. Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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Sincere thanks to all those who have supported Shirley and challenged miscarriages of justice on this forum.