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Peter Wlasiuk Case New York

Just Imagine for a moment

Imagine your loved one has died in a horrible accident. Your life is torn apart. Your family is torn apart with loss and pain.

Suddenly the police blame you for the death of your loved one. You are horrified at the suggestion.

You are in shock and grief but cannot get to express this grief in a normal way because you are being accused of terrible things.

You keep telling the police and anyone who will listen you did not do what they said you did, but they keep twisting your words, they even twist their own words.

They fabricate evidence. They tell lies. They make things up as they go along to accuse you of.

You are intimidated. Your family, friends and even your attorney are intimidated.

What can you do against all of this? The answer is nothing because everytime you open your mouth you are called a liar, an abuser and a murderer.

Not only do they do all of this to you but they tell the news media all these lies about you so now everyone in the area thinks its all true.

You have evidence to support your innocence, but no one is interested.

You are tried in the media and found guilty BEFORE you even get to court.

Then you are found guilty by the court.

The jury has people in it who should not be on it. They are not and cannot be impartial.

The media stories are ringing loudly in their ears.

Even when the Judge tells the jury to disregard this, it matters not.

Even when the Judge tells the DA that he cannot use this information. It matters not.

All you want is a fair trial to prove you are indeed innocent.

Your attorney does not help you the way he should.

What you get is a kangaroo court. Found guilty and sent to prison for 25 years plus.

You are angry, you are upset, you have family who are upset. You are grieving the loss of your loved one, you are grieving also for your children.

You appeal and win a new trial. Surely now justice will be done? You ask for a change of venue. You are refused this.

So this second trial is done in the same area, in the same court with the same DA.

The exact same tactics by the DA, the media and the police happen all over again.

Surprise surprise you are found guilty again.

Still you grieve and suffer but the media has made its mind up, they have decided you are guilty based on the lies told under oath. The public believes blindly what police and media are saying.

No one thinks to question any of this.

You win another new trial. Surely this time justice will be done properly?

Not a chance. Same court, same DA and now witnesses from both trials have changed stories but no one pays a blind bit of notice.

This is the reality for Peter Wlasiuk and his family.

Accused, tried and convicted on very shaky evidence to say the least. No court has heard the entire story about what happened during this so called police investigtion, with "experts" or media.

We all want to see guilty people punished. None of us want to see innocent people punished.

Peter has a chance of having all of this evidence heard but to get it heard he must have an attorney who is experienced in filing 440 petitions. This is not free. $10,000 is needed to pay for this.

Truth and justice SHOULD be free. People like Peter should have ALL of their evidence heard in court but this is not happening.

I know $10,000 is a lot of money. But this money could save Peter from even more years in prison for a crime the evidence not heard shows he did not commit.

We need people to donate to the fund, any amount you can afford to donate.

If anyone has fund raising ideas then please let us know.

Or if anyone knows of a lawyer who can do these 440 petitions pro bono then please also let us know.

Justice should not only be for those who can afford it. Justice should be for ALL.

If Peter misses out on this chance to prove his innocence then he is stuck in a hell that few of us can ever imagine.

Please try to put yourself in his position for a few moments.

Think of how helpless, angry and sad you would be. Not only have you lost your freedom, you have lost your loved one and the grief is still as raw as it was way back when it happened because you have not been able to grieve properly. You have missed out being with your family. You have missed out watching your kids growing up.

Every single one of us knows what it is like to be accused of something you did not do, no matter how small it is. We feel outraged and indignant. Multiply that by 100,000 and perhaps you can imagine what it feels like to be Peter Wlasiuk.

We cannot allow the lack of money stop us trying to find a way to help Peter.

Please read his website

I have been following this case for some time and am totally appalled at the "experts" in this case.

The Accident reconstruction expert for the State was :

Chenango County Deputy Sheriff Richard Cobb, who had previously undergone approximately four weeks of advanced accident reconstruction training, but had never personally investigated an underwater accident. Cobb began his testimony by recounting his own on-scene investigation and depicting the scene via trial exhibits. After indicating that he received a copy of the STAR report three weeks after the incident in question, Cobb testified as to the report's findings and his own opinion that defendant's version of events was inconsistent with what the STAR report indicated would happen in a submersion accident. Later during Cobb's testimony, a half-hour videotape prepared in conjunction with the STAR report was admitted into evidence and played for the jury. At that time, after acknowledging that the tape was hearsay, County Court instructed the jury as follows: "I'm allowing you to watch this tape solely for the basis of understanding that this tape was one of the bases used by [Cobb] in making his report. This tape should not be taken by you as any evidence in chief as to any point in this particular case. Simply treat it as background information that [Cobb] used in his investigation to make his report."

The defence had an independent expert:

Retired New York State Trooper Dale J. Leonard, who operates his own accident reconstruction consultant firm, testified for the defense in the Peter M. Wlasiuk murder retrial at the Chenango County Courthouse yesterday.

“I don’t know if it was an accident or a deliberate act, but there is no evidence to the theories put forth by these officers of the vehicle being stopped before going down the hill and into the lake,” said Leonard, referring to prosecution witnesses Sgt. Detective Richard Cobb and Monroe County Sheriff Sgt. Andrew Frate. The two officers testified earlier to a number of details involving what they claimed was a staged accident.
“So there is no physical evidence to support those theories?” asked Defense Attorney Randel Scharf.

“It’s speculation, in my opinion,” replied Leonard.

Leonard has had hundreds of hours of training in accident reconstruction since he was first certified in 1995. He listed dozens of training seminars and classes he’d taken to the jury before beginning his testimony regarding the alleged accident that claimed Patricia Wlasiuk’s life on April 3, 2002.

Leonard’s testimony was brought under intense scrutiny by District Attorney Joseph McBride, who was warned by Broome County Court Judge Martin E. Smith to stop interrupting the witness. Smith made the same warning to McBride earlier in the day when the DA cross-examined private investigator David Beers. “You’ve done it with every witness. Do it one more time and I’ll end your cross-examination,” said the judge during Leonard’s testimony.

Leonard reviewed his findings in court by beginning with the tire tracks found on the right side of the roadway across from the scene of the alleged accident.

Leonard said Cobb could not identify any treads in the tracks and neglected to measure their width for comparison to the Wlasiuk vehicle.

“Since there’s no way to even compare the marks with the truck’s tires, we can’t even be sure if they really belong to it,” said Leonard. Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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