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Big Wullie

Police Think Thomas Ross Young Was Innocent

But even more embarrassing than that, was that someone was already in prison for the murder of Frances Barker - the first in the sequence from 1977 - and had been for almost 30 years.

The Crown decided to drop the Glasgow cases, and go all out on World's End. Sinclair went on trial in 2007 and that attempt ended in disaster.

Sinclair is now convicted of murdering Helen Scott and Christine Eadie, but former detective Allan Jones, for whom catching the World's End killer became a life's work, believes Sinclair should have been prosecuted for all six murders - including the Frances Barker case.

He said: "Knowing the evidence that exists, and having the ability to have my own opinion, I still believe there's very strong evidence to support the case against Angus Sinclair."

Thomas Ross Young, the man who was imprisoned for the murder of Frances Barker, continued to plead his innocence until his death in July this year.

Were the Glasgow cases dropped to save further embarrassment because they had wrongly convicted Young ? Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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