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Q & A with Kenny MacAskill
Big Wullie

Seems all one sided to me.

All geared towards victims of crime and no rights for the accused.

KM: It will improve support for victims and witnesses throughout the justice system. Victim Support Scotland has described the 2014 Act as ďa very important step forward towards improving the position of victims and witnesses in Scotland.Ē With new rights to access case-specific information, the introduction of the victim surcharge and extra support for vulnerable witnesses, victims and witnesses will be further acknowledged and supported. As Iíve said throughout the development of this legislation, itís vital to recognise that victims of crime are not passive spectators of proceedings, but have a justified and legitimate interest in how our justice system operates. How we treat victims must be a measure of our justice systemís success.

A typical ducking of questions we now expect from any SNP member can be found here:

AR: Ruth Davidson called your contribution in closing the Stage 1 debate on the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill ďthe most ill-judged and intemperateĒ in Holyroodís history. Do you regret your comments?

KM: I believe that the corroboration requirement must go and I made that clear to parliament during the debates as the Bill progressed through parliament.

A simple yes or no would have been sufficient.

He uses the word Victims 21 times.

He uses the word accused only once.


Victim support.
Women's aid.
Rape Crisis Scotland.
Crown Office.
Lord Justice Clerk
The Police.

All mentioned yet no reference to others who disagree.

Another classic example of MacAskill taking things for granted and voicing his own opinion without consulting the public can be found here:

KM: Outstanding work was done to ensure a seamless transition in the creation of the single police service. Despite the dire predictions from some of the pessimists, the lights didnít go out on 1 April, and the vast majority of people didnít notice any difference to their services. Police Scotland is now one of the highest profile organisations in Scotland and the excellent work officers and staff do every single day in every community in Scotland has an impact on every man, woman and child in this country.

The vast majority of people I have spoken to have been very disappointed with people not even being visited by the police for minor crimes like vandalism to their cars etc.

I know of one particular case where neighbours were in dispute with ones car being trampled over leaving footprints and the police did not even bother to attend so MacAskill is a liar to say people have not noticed any difference. Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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Sincere thanks to all those who have supported Shirley and challenged miscarriages of justice on this forum.