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Scotland's Murder Mysteries

The case of Oscar Slater, widely held to be Scotland's biggest miscarriage of justice. In 1909 he was wrongly given the death penalty for the murder of elderly spinster Marion Gilchrist at her home in Glasgow. However, following a petition, he was spared execution and sent to Peterhead Prison for 18 years, before being released.

the judge at slaters trail actully said he doesnt deserve the presumption of inocence.

what a thing for a judge to say i dont think he would of got away with that today.
Iain McKie

Showing at 9pm on STV tonight  not 10 pm.

A fascinating case.
Big Wullie

12  Identification witnesses

No Forensic Evidence.

Witnesses put under extreme pressure by Police.

Death by blunt force instrument dismissed.

Who would believe it ?

No right to rely upon presumption of Innocence

Is it any wonder Scotland has so many Miscarriages Of Justice ?
Big Wullie

12 witnesses got it so wrong yet people are still being convicted on Partial Identifications in Scotland with our top judges accepting most Identifications are just feelings:
Iain McKie

This message is worth repeating Wullie time and time again.

The tragedy is that the Oscar Slater miscarriage can and is being repeated by a judiciary in denial.

Given that they are intelligent women and men you have to wonder why.

The same of course goes for the whole range of expert evidence which our courts and lawyers appear to accept often without challenge.
Big Wullie

What Lord Hamilton told Bill Kidd MSP about Identification Evidence in Mills V HMA which we are not allowed to see because it calls into question identification evidence.

Extract 1 Lord Hamilton To Bill Kidd MSP

Extract 2 Lord Hamilton To Bill Kidd MSP Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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Sincere thanks to all those who have supported Shirley and challenged miscarriages of justice on this forum.