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Peter Dow

Scottish scientist's defence V criminal tweets charge

I'm Peter Dow. I'm a Scottish scientist and a republican socialist and I'm in big legal trouble! Sad

I'm on trial for my @ peterdow tweets

Trial date - Aberdeen Sheriff Court, 23rd February 2016

The tweets I posted on my @ peterdow Twitter account in July 2014, two months before the Scottish independence referendum, employed republican political rhetoric to try to express in the strongest possible terms my political support -
  • for a republic to replace the kingdom and
  • for an elected president to replace the monarch as head of state.

I link from my @ peterdow Twitter account to my Scottish National Standard Bearer website at SCOT.TK where I dutifully explain the reasons why the people of Scotland would do better, be safer and be more prosperous, if we exercise our political right to establish a Scottish republic.

None of my tweets were literal "threats" or literally "threatening" that I or anyone else could, would or should "threaten" the Queen.

MODERATOR: I have reduced this post considerably as readers can obtain information on Mr Dow's issues on his website referred to above. Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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