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Big Wullie

SNP MSP's Representation

I asked My SNP Muslim MSP to represent me and ask the high court to provide a remedy for rectifying two hearings that ought to be set aside.

Humza Yousaf has once again ignored my pleas.

Different story when Muslims are asking for SNP interventions:

When will they start shouting for human rights for all scots and not just Muslims ?


Code of Conduct for MSPs - Volume 2, Section 8: Engagement and Liaison with Constituents

8.1 Dealing with individual constituents’ cases

8.1.1 Every constituent is represented by one constituency MSP and seven regional MSPs. It is expected that each member will take on a case when approached although it is recognised that there may be legitimate reasons for a member to decline a constituent’s case in certain circumstances, for example, where a constituent requests an MSP to take inappropriate action, or if that case seeks action which would represent a conflict of interest with existing casework or is contrary to the member’s political beliefs. If so, the member would ordinarily be expected to inform the constituent that the member is not taking up the case.

8.1.2 A constituent can approach any of the MSPs (whether a constituency MSP or one of the seven regional MSPs as the case may be) elected to represent them as all MSPs have equal formal and legal status. Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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Sincere thanks to all those who have supported Shirley and challenged miscarriages of justice on this forum.