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Iain McKie

Stop and search

THE increased use of stop-and-search by police officers across Scotland is not linked to a reduction in violent crime, a review of the controversial tactic has found.
A report published by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) found some areas of the country had seen a several-hundred per cent rise in the number of searches in the first nine months since Scotland’s single police force was created last year.
But the SPA said it could find “no causal link” between a reduction in violence and the volume of stop-and-search activity.
Big Wullie

The article I read recently said the young kids had no Idea they could object.

Anyone know what would happen in such a scenario ?

I see police stopping and searching youngsters on an almost daily basis. I have seen a young lad walk along a main street and being stopped and searched in full view of everyone then let go.

If they refused Wullie I would be guessing they would be arrested and taken to the station.

Surely though if kids are young and under 16 then they should not be able to stop them and search them? If they truly believe they have been up to something they should put them in the car and take them home to be searched in front of a parent. Forum Index -> Test Forum 1
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