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Big Wullie

What Is Corroboration ?

I attended the following seminar as a member of Justice Scotland:

Lord hope told this conference that he did not know what corroboration was.

This is disturbing to me as a justice campaigner because for decades Lord Hope would have been directing juries on the law of corroboration.

If he did not understand it, how could he (or any other judge) be confident juries understood it ?
Iain McKie

It's funny how these basic questions surrounding some aspects of Scottish justice keep on being raised and just as frequently ignored.

That there is a need for a complete overhaul of our system is beyond doubt and yet the continual first aid (plasters on gaping wounds) continues at political and judicial level.

My fear remains, although I support independence, that if it comes our judiciary will become even more insular and complacent about their  omnipotence and even further removed from the consequences of their failures.
Big Wullie

My understanding of Corroboration is this:

All key aspects and material issues in any case require to be corroborated hence the reason they call two Experts to say they reached the same conclusions.

My concerns are that all key material in trials is not corroborated.

Our courts are constantly relying upon a single identification backed up by a partial one which is not in any way shape or form an identification.

Despite The SPSA accepting (Allegedly) the failures highlighted in the McKie Enquiry people are still being convicted entirely on fingerprint evidence.

Despite claiming Wrongly that they had 16 points of similarity the points system has been reduced where a fingerprint expert wants to be allowed to say only two exist but they are clear points.

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