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A Silent Walk for Justice
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Author Message
Iain McKie

Joined: 08 May 2007
Posts: 939

Location: Ayr, Scotland.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:09 am    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Well done to all involved in organising the silent walk and particularly to Guje and Maria who have stood tall and proud in a foreign land.

There are of course lessons to be learned but by any measure the walk was an outstanding success. The media response was generally positive and I am sure that for most people taking part there was a sense of achievement instead of the negativity that accompanies the often sterile frustrating exercise of year after year trying to get the authorities to listen through calls and correspondence.

How do you measure success? Yes, there would be people represented on the walk who some would feel should not be there but you can be sure that the vast majority of those taking part believed in their hearts that the causes that brought them to Edinburgh were just. As Maria suggested the aim was not to judge anyone but to jointly embrace the principle of justice for all.

The media did what the media always do and that is concentrate on the story they feel will interest readers, viewers and listeners. That they concentrated on the Megrahi family should surprise no-one given that after 20 years this terrorist outrage remains an indelible   stain on Scottish justice. Perhaps in future a clearer focus can be created with an initial/final media conference to underline it.

I believe Mr MacAskill made a mistake in not ensuring the walkers were given the courtesy of being met, if not by himself, by one of his staff. This however is the natural reticence of politicians and more particularly their advisors who seek to protect their leader at all costs particularly when what they are being asked to do is not crystal clear and pre-agreed. We must seek to change this culture not moan about its reality.

To write off all MSPs would be a serious mistake because without political support your cause, no matter how just, has little chance of being heard and acted on. Bill Kidd, Alex Neil, Michael Russell, Eileen Campbell, Margo MacDonald and politicians from all parties have often rallied to the cause of justice and to argue otherwise is to ignore reality and perhaps rob yourself of a powerful ally.

That said the comments attributed to Bill Aitken, Convener of the Justice Committee and Tory Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice should cause real concern.

‘Tory justice spokesman Bill Aitken MSP said last night: "I don't think the demonstrators did themselves any favours having these people at the march.

"I doubt if ordinary people think Luke Mitchell and Megrahi are victims of in justice and I don't think this demonstration has any credibility at all."’

While I have little real understanding of the Luke Mitchell case to hear the MSP heading Scotland’s one and only Justice Committee dismissing the  justice of  Mr.  Megrahi’s appeal in such an off hand and prejudiced way should worry all of us who hope to see a more just and fair Scotland.

Hindsight is easy however and none of the above should be seen as taking away from the  courage and determination of   Guje and Maria who are fighting for a cause they truly believe in and time and time again push aside the pain of loss in the cause of justice.

My hope is that this walk is a beginning and not an end. In addition to those who might feel an annual walk is justified we can add those of us who have spoken of a justice conference, a justice website and even a mentoring agency where victims of injustice could receive, counselling, support and advice on how best to put their case.

These are the best ways to realise our goals and honour those who have suffered injustice.
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Joined: 28 Aug 2008
Posts: 601

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:27 am    Post subject: The Injustice Elephant in McAskill's Office Reply with quote

Just some tongue in cheek observations Smile

Mr McAskill opened his office door and once again ignored the huge grey elephant of injustice sitting right in the middle of his office.  He warned his staff that they were not allowed to touch this creature, talk about it or even tell anyone about it.

They could walk around it but for God's sake do not even bump into it. If they bumped into it accidentally then they were told not to even mention it.

The injustice elephant began making a big mess.  Case files began to fall out all over the place. Protest letters fell to the ground.

The staff were told to clear it up but not to look at the Injustice Elephant. If they do not acknowledge it, then it might go away?

Al Megrahi's files covered the floor. Staff swept them under the carpet.

Luke Mitchells case fell to the floor, they were quickly shovelled out of the way.

Pat Docherty and  Brendan Dixon's papers spread over the floor, staff stepped all over them, leaving dirty footprints and messing them up but not one person looked at them.

Wullie Beck's 26 years of files began tumbling out, along with George Beattie's and Wullie Gage's.

The place was a mess but still no one said a word. Staff were triping over the files and papers and bumping into the Injustice Elephant but no one said a word.

It would be more than their job was worth to even admit they had noticed anything.

So many files of all the people complaining of injustice fell out all over the place, filling the office with papers at a rapid rate and no one could do any real work for shovelling out if sight the papers they were not permitted to mention.

People on the outside began to talk about the mess in McAskills office.
They wanted answers but he did not give them answers. He said he did not know anything about it.

With so many files under the carpet, people began tripping up and falling into the Injustice Elephant.

Still no one said a word.

Still people on the outside began to talk this time they were talking louder.
They demanded answers, they protested outside the office.

They kept telling McAskill that they knew about the Injustice Elephant sitting in his office.

He denied its existence.

Maybe one day when the Injustice Elephant kicks him he will notice it?
I live in eternal hope.

Until that day we the public who elected him will keep pointing out that this will not go away. The mess the Injustice Elephant will keep making will soon become so much that someone in those offices will have to admit that they too see what everyone else in there is avoiding.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” Herbert Spencer

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Joined: 25 Oct 2008
Posts: 240

Location: Ayr, Scotland.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


have a couple of concerns with para 8.12.1 as posted by Wullie.

Firstly " ..or where any MSP directly involved remains dissatisfied.. " - this doesn't mention what happens if a member of the public remains dissatisfied. I'm wondering if this paragraph refers to complaints raised by MSPs about other MSPs?

I think you will find this is precisely what it means.

I think if the walk achieved something, it was to alert members of the public, most of whom will have had little or no knowledge of some of the injustices concerned, apart from those which have attained some high profile, that such things happen right here in Scotland.

There can be few in Scotland who have not heard about Megrahi, which is why I felt it was a shame that particular case seemed to overshadow all the others, but also it is what I would have expected.   Nonetheless, everyone taking part did an excellent job in highlighting their cases.  More power to them.

It is a wonderful world when we have so much freedom of expression and speech, what a sad indictment that it seems to fall on the very deaf ears of those who are supposed to help us.
“Send not to know for whom the bell tolls – it tolls for thee.” John Donne.
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Big Wullie

Joined: 25 Apr 2007
Posts: 5125

Location: Glasgow

PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:13 am    Post subject: Reply From Bill Aitken Reply with quote

My Letter of protest to Bill Aitken has been answered ! (Well kind of a Answered) See below :

Dear Mr Beck

Both Mitchell and Megrahi have been convicted by Courts and have had their appeals refused.  That is sufficient evidence for me.

Members of the public have indeed contacted me over the years expressing their very serious concern at the crimes committed by these people.

Yours sincerely

Bill Aitken

No Mention of what qualifies him to speak on behalf of "Ordinary People"

No mention of evidence of Guilt.

No mention of having seen any evidence of Guilt apart from Media Hype.

Are members of Justice  not supposed to remain independent and Impartial from such events and not become involved in them personally.

This is what we are told by Justice Committee when we want to raise issues of Injustice
We cannot raise individual cases yet here we have the Convener voicing his Biased and Prejudiced opinions of cases without first ever having any debates or proper evidence put to him in either case.

What Chance do any of us have when Mr Aitken takes this line of bias towards "Blatant Injustices"

I think he should resign in disgrace and have told him so here:

RE: Comments Re Press Megrahi, Mitchell.‏
From:  wullie beck (  
Sent: 09 December 2008 02:56:15

Dear Mr Aitken

I note your refusal to answer the questions properly so I will re-phrase them.

1.  Did any member of the public ask you to voice their concern over these cases or are the comments your own ?

2.  What evidence do you have of Guilt of any of these cases ?

3.  Have you looked at the Grounds of appeal from the defence team of Megrahi

I have serious concerns that as a representative for the Justice Committee you have brought them into disrepute with your comments re Megrahi which is viewed potentially as the biggest Miscarriage of Justice Scotland has even seen.

"When" he wins his appeal I will be calling for you to resign in disgrace if your comment is not retracted.

What Qualifies you to speak on behalf of the Scottish People ? or as you put it "Ordinary People"

It is exactly comments and thoughts like this, people like myself fighting Miscarriages find repulsive and misleading to the public where they show MSPs real colours, Predjudice and Bias from people who are supposed to on the face of it, be Independent.

Your Bias towards these cases are not befitting of Convener of our Justice Committee, Perhaps you should resign now.

Once again I must express my concern over your ridiculous comments when One of the cases has an appeal pending the other is awaiting an appeal against sentence.

We are all entitled to our opinions and freedom of speech, but then again we do not all represent the Justice Committee.

It is no wonder you are not willing to question the SCCRC nor Kenny MacAskill over the jurors details being released with comments like you are making towards Miscarriages of Justice victims.

So much for an Unbiased, Impartial and Independent Convener of our Justice Committee.

Best Wishes

Very Concerned

William Beck
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Joined: 30 May 2007
Posts: 98

PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:41 pm    Post subject: The Silent Walk For Justice 2009 Reply with quote


Edinburgh, Friday 4 Dec 2009
3.00pm - 6.00pm

Innocent people are imprisoned whilst criminals walk free. Families fight in vain to have crimes committed against their loved ones investigated. Dead children have organs removed illegally. Women and children face increased violence and sexual abuse. Councils rob the public of the use of common-good lands. Victims of crime are not being compensated whilst others fail to receive the care they require and deserve. Lawyers cheat their clients whilst public authorities withhold information and cover up for others…

The Silent Walk For Justice is held annually to honour those various people searching for justice, exposing the need for improvements within the Scottish justice system. The Freedom of Information Act was conceived as a means to give the public access to information, however, this is being often denied with the response that “it is not in the public interest”.

We the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children and friends concerned by such unfairness within the Scottish justice system, have the right to obtain documentation concerning our cases and our loved ones. We are families and friends together and with everyone else engaged in the pursuit of justice, WE ARE ALSO the PUBLIC and the documentation is in OURS and  - THE PUBLIC INTEREST. We therefore request that the Freedom of Information Act is amended to fulfil our needs.

To honour our loved ones and in order to achieve better consideration under the Act, we will all meet at 3.00 p.m. at Johnston Terrace. We will then walk together in peace and in silence along the Royal Mile and stop in front of the Scottish Parliament. At the Parliament we will put down our pictures of our loved ones and our placards publicising the cause that we are individually fighting for and light our candles.

After a speech from one of the organisers of The Silent Walk For Justice, a representative from the Scottish Justice Department is invited to greet the people and reply to our demands for the reformation of the Freedom of Information Act. We will also give thanks to the Lord Advocate, Mrs Elish Angiolini, for introducing a new unit to investigate unsolved crimes.

Together we can make a change. Please join The Silent Walk For Justice!

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Joined: 30 May 2007
Posts: 98

PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We are all painfully aware of the fact that many people have been badly treated and let down by Elish Angiolini.

However we are not greeting her as a person; she is merely a tool to serve the people, and our strategy is that she and the authorities involved must feel themselves committed to perform what has been promised and from now on clearly will be expected by us, the people.

We all must show the politicians, authorities, media and each other that we are counting upon that this new Unit is a commitment from Elish Angiolini to the people. Our aim is to highlight to the Media that we all together are the PUBLIC - and especially regarding the FOI - and therefore also demand that we from now on will get the information out since all cases are in the PUBLIC Interest.

Therefore it is very important that we highlight our many different cases by coming together. Honouring our loved ones outside the Parliament, sharing our knowledge and experience, reaching out our loving and caring arm to new families and campaigners, sharing good advices and broaden the growing contact net. Truth&Justice4All today is continuing to spread all over the world.

By doing this we will be able to create a huge Media interest and hopefully a necessary debate on every level, in homes, at the offices, in universities,in the parliament and in the Media. We are a powerful group and when coming together like this we will increase the pressure on a improved justice system and real commitment from the politicians, like Elish Angilioni and Scottish authorities.

This debate hopefully will create new thoughts, new discussions, new petitions, new supportive letters to bombard the authorities and Justice department with, and that all together can lead to important and necessary changes!

Since we the ones that are struck by severe injustice - after all are a minority- it is also very important to awaken all the people that are right now not fighting for justice. Everyone need to wake up and become included in the debate to hopefully get engaged, since this is the PUBLIC interest. Serious crimes, neglect and other injustice has happened to all of us, who will be next? We were taken by surprise and so could everyone. God forbid, but there will be others!

Maria and Guje
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Joined: 30 May 2007
Posts: 98

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Read about The Silent Walk For Justice on A Diary of Injustice in Scotland -by Peter Cherbi

You can read the Scottish Government’s Press Release on Lord Cullen’s review :  Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation
and download a copy of the review’s final report, and also download the Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation: The Report..

You will also find a link to an ongoing petition at the Scottish Parliament calling for amendments to FAI legislation.

Warm Greetings to you All

Maria and Guje
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Joined: 05 Nov 2009
Posts: 1191

Location: Island

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good luck to all participants taking part in this years 'The Silent Walk For Justice' to be held in Edinburgh on 4 December 2009.

A very special thanks to Maria and Guje for organising this annual event which gives hope to so many people deprived of justice within this rotten and corrupt justice system.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see you all in Edinburgh!    Exposing Scotland's shame!
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Joined: 30 May 2007
Posts: 98

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear John!

Thank you for your kind comments, the response has been incredible; there are so many families campaigners and members of organisations that have been in contact with us regarding The Silent Walk For Justice.

The poster is right now being highlighted in many important Justice Forums, so there is an even bigger chance that we will reach out to many new families, campaigners, organisations and supporters this year. Every one is welcome to join.

Together we are strong and this year we will all together symbolize the PUBLIC and that all the many various cases, that needs Justice, are in THE PUBLIC INTEREST!

People who are fighting to get Truth and Justice must be able to receive the documentation out regarding their own, or their loved ones case! During the walk we will show that we together represent the PUBLIC.
Families that have requested to get the documentation out under the FOI act and that have received the answer “this is not in the Pubic Interest” will now get the documentation out!  That is what we all must take for granted! And use in the debate, highlight in the Media etc. It will be very interesting to find out what the Politicians and the authorities answers will be to that.  

We will all together symbolize that we are the PUBLIC, during the walk.

Let us all hope that the important debate that hopefully will be, before-during-and after the walk  will focus on that it is in the PUBIC INTEREST if the criminals are walking free and innocent loved ones are put in prison, it is in the Public Interest if murderers are walking free among us!

We will also show that it is in the Pubic Interest that all people that are fighting to get the Truth and Justice for loved ones that have died during unsolved and mysterious circumstances should get the opportunity to have the case scrutinized by the new Unit. And that is why we must give
thanks to Elish, to make her feel obligated to fulfil the commitment that the new Unit will investigate all unsolved deaths.  

Warm greetings to you all

Maria & Guje

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Joined: 30 May 2007
Posts: 98

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear All of you!

We have all been working day and night with emailing the invitation for this year’s “The Silent Walk For Justice”. This year we have also sent out the invitation to all the contacts throughout the world wide network, the support is incredible and the Inspiration truly reproduces to many others and other friends that is working with and fights for Truth and Justice might perform their own The Silent Walk For Justice next year.

Truth&Justice4All have also worked hard with Networking and we have now reached out to many other countries around the world.

One of our new dear friends that we have had the pleasure to communicate with during the last couple of months, regarding the incredible work that their Organisation “Reach ” is doing in Kuala Lumpur, and who is a incredible loving and caring human being, is in fact a Scottish man with the name Pete Nicoll;

The Vision behind Reach Org;

In 2008 a group of volunteers, experienced in work with the homeless and urban poor established an organization in Kuala Lumpur that rose above all boundaries linking charitable work to religious or political organizations.
These volunteers from all walks of life, from all religious faiths, and all groups in society, join together to promote and deliver a three tier vision for humanity.
With an increasing level of urban poverty, basic human needs can not be met.

Reach Org aims to raise the economic level of the urban and rural poor of Malaysia and thereby reduce the disparity between wealth distribution.

By alleviating the lack of opportunity to remove themselves from the cycle of suffering, this organisation will deliver self empowerment to those in need by the elimination of the economic pressures brought about by being just poor.

Reach Org delivers ‘inspiration’ to its clients.

The immediate strategic vision level is the regular ‘on street‘ delivery of food, drinks and basic medical aid to those in need, which is currently conducted by our volunteers in:
Pudu Market , Pudu Raya Bus Terminal, Chow Kit and Masjid Jamek, Jalan Sultan
Jalan Pudu Lama, DayaBumi, Masjid India, Masjid Negara

The second strategic vision level is the establishment of a permanent ‘Soup Kitchen ‘ premises providing hot food, a medical clinic, communal and counselling services.

The third strategic vision level is the establishment of a Nurture Centre premises which will provide nurturing, counselling and training to allow the urban poor to find constructive employment and thereby re-enter society as skilled and contributing citizens.

Reach Org also raises awareness of the causes of symptoms of poverty by highlighting campaigns and programmes to which the organisation and its volunteers can contribute.

For all of you that might be interested to read about what his organisation Reach is doing to help the people in need, feel free to read more at Facebook group Reach Org.

Warm Greetings to you All

Maria & Guje


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