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To allow readers to post comments on current issues related to the Shirley McKie case
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Aftercare Study
Dangers of Defamation
'Murky business and the Law Society'
Forrest Expert Evidence Conference
Happy New Year
Justice for Michael Ross - Campaign Progress
Ben Young
Lockerbie families lose appeal but fight goes on
SCCRC Unfit for purpose and NOT independent or impartial
Marion Ross Anniversary
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To allow readers to post comments on current issues related to the Shirley McKie case
Latest Articles
Dangers of Defamation
For small businesses the defamation risk can be as simple as someone in your business criticising a competitor's product or service in a tweet.
'Murky business and the Law Society'
In philosophical and legal literature, privacy has been likened to an elusive status and murky conceptual waters.
Justice for Michael Ross - Campaign Progress
Just wanted to let you know about a newly released case page on our website, available at the following link:

This page is a Scottish version of Netflix series 'Making a Murderer'

I know that members of SMF will find this very interesting and will be able to absorb and relate to all of the detail we've released.

Please spread the word if you feel inclined to do so,

In gratitude,

Ben Young
I've never seen this before and came across it by mistake.. I'm from the gilmerton area there for know a little of this case, do any others on here even know the people involved in this case? I read the hypothesis part and it was so far from the truth but seems also exactly what the police did too.. They just made up a story and ran with it not stopping to pick up any facts.

If any of you are really that interested then why not speak to the man in question (Ben Young) there's many people in ...
Marion Ross Anniversary
It was 20 years today that Marion Ross was brutally murdered in her home in Kilmarnock.

As you know this event set in train events which are still reverberating today.

Sadly thanks to official incompetence and dissembling her killer was never traced and her family was left to grieve without the comfort of knowing that her killer had been brought to justice.

As with so many other injustices the system will no longer have the appetite to search for the truth.

I and my family remember a ...
Happy New Year
Very best wishes to our readers and contributors. We will continue to operate the forum during 2017 as a focus for those who feel that justice in Scotland, for whatever reason, lets the people of Scotland down. Please let us know if you or others are facing injustice issues and might require some advice, assistance or support.
SCCRC Unfit for purpose and NOT independent or impartial
I am currently having the SCCRC review a conviction where i was sent to prison for five years for an alleged offence under the firearm act. There was no firearm but still got convicted on the word of two people.

Last June, the SCCRC got my first application and part of that application/review was to have a mobile checked for a photograph that would have confirmed that my friends had a phone in his hand and not a gun as told by two crown witnesses, boyfriend/girlfriend.

The SCCRC wrongly as ...
Well Done John Scott, "Criminal Lawyer Of The Year"
MODERATED: Not relevant and suspicious.
Support Register Of Interest For Judges
Top judge Lord Carloway to face MSPs on his opposition to judicial transparency & proposal to create a register of judges’ interests
Judicial Watchdog fails to publish reports
Judicial watchdog has failed to publish an annual report in over two years

A JUDICIAL watchdog has failed to publish an annual report of her time in the high-profile post – more than two years after getting the job.

Gillian Thompson, the Judicial Complaints Reviewer (JCR), had been expected to produce an official account of how she had scrutinised complaints against sh ...
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Sincere thanks to all those who have supported Shirley and challenged miscarriages of justice on this forum.