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'That was the week that was'

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Iain McKie

Joined: 08 May 2007
Posts: 939

Location: Ayr, Scotland.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:44 pm    Post subject: 'That was the week that was'  Reply with quote

· Following their previous success the ‘That was the week that was’ postings are being
repeated from now until the inquiry has reported. We hope to keep readers up to date with what is happening and provide the latest information on the preparations for evidence to be taken.

· The announcement of the inquiry brought an old friend out of the woodwork.

“As a retired Glasgow murder squad detective , I have, at the request of the SCRO 6 investigated the circumstances surrounding the murder of Marion Ross. What I have uncovered beggars belief. We applaud the formation of a Judicial Inquiry and hope that police officers who have the answers have the courage to come forward. I am convinced that the Inquiry will uncover the truth and I will ensure that material witnesses, known to me as such, are cited.”

This posting on ‘The Herald’ website marked the return of one of the SCRO biggest supporters, ex-Detective Chief Inspector Les Brown, who has peddled his lies and innuendo over the years to whoever would listen. His revelations have been systematically rejected by the Crown Office, Strathclyde Police and the Justice 1 enquiry but it looks as if he is about to re-cycle them yet again.

Les Brown is the notorious self publicist who a few years ago was accused of contacting the media with extremely nasty lies that Shirley had been in the murder house having sex. A self-publicist with a particularly vindictive personality we look forward to his evidence and will be sure to remind him nearer the time of the allegations just in case he should suffer memory loss.

· At Iain’s and Alex Neil’s press conference last week Iain issued a media release outlining
his family’s hopes for the inquiry. A copy of it is available at:

· There will continue to be a vigorous debate about how effective the remit will be in
allowing  all the issues to be investigated. Although there is clear evidence of attempts to narrow it and protect the Lord Advocate and Crown Office it seems likely that these have to a great extent failed.  Iain has published his own assessment at:  (Page 2 – Sat 15 March 2008)

· It is clear that there is scope within the published remit for an analysis of most issues.
Although the Inquiries Act 2005 does not allow for rulings on civil or criminal liability such decisions can be referred to the Crown Office for a ruling.

· The announcement that the Crown Office and Scottish Government have authorised the
release of all relevant documents to the inquiry is encouraging as these will include the MacKay Report (Its author so vilified by the SCRO for daring to report the truth) and the controversial second McLeod report on print QI2 – the Marion Ross print.
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Big Wullie

Joined: 25 Apr 2007
Posts: 5125

Location: Glasgow

PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


From what i have read about this Les Brown he is a bit of a fantasist, You have nothing to worry about from loonies like him.
It is fair to say that not too much weight will be attached to his evidence since he still supports the SCRO 6 who still claim they did nothing wrong as opposed to 171 experts worldwide.

Having attended the press conference and listened to both Alex and your Own speeches i am pretty confident that an SNP Government mean to make any changes needed or recommended by this enquiry to the way fingerprint evidence is treated. Who knows maybe it will recover maybe not.

I recognise the need for such evidence but the fabricators that brought it into disrepute have yet to admit their mistakes and until then there is, i feel no way back, For proof of this we need only look at The Souder case in America where the fingerprint evidence was rejected as "untested"

I look forward to the enquiry but feel some may (even when faced with giving evidence under oath) try to continue the lies.

It is not unknown for experts to lie under oath and for this i need only mention Sir Roy Meadows who despite being sticken off the registrar By BMA for fabrication in many cases, Noteably Sally Clark (RIP) the High Court reinstated him.

Best Wishes

William Beck
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Site Admin

Joined: 22 Apr 2007
Posts: 186

PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:10 pm    Post subject: 'That was the week that was' 17 April Reply with quote

“That was the week that was.”   17 April 2008

· As promised we continue our weekly review of matters related to the up and coming judicial enquiry.

· Still no call for Iain to appear before Fiona McBride’s Employment Tribunal as a witness. While it is no surprise that she has not called him – despite the promises of her supporters – it is rather strange that the defenders, the Scottish Police Services Authority (SPSA), have not done so given the provable lies and distortions that the ex SCRO experts have indulged in over the years. One explanation might be that perhaps David Mulhern, Chief Executive of the SPSA, has his own personnel  problems that he doesn’t want revealed. In addition the present unseemly spat with the Scottish Police Service for the heart of that service is making all the wrong sort of headlines for someone whose expressed goal is a ‘world class’ forensic service.

· Interestingly the SPSA has issued a briefing on the judicial enquiry for its employees. It raises the intriguing possibility of the enquiry being televised and the provision of viewing rooms at the four fingerprint bureaux in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Could make interesting reality TV!

· As the management of the SPSA well realise this enquiry has the potential to highlight a number of serious issues that it has failed to resolve in the wake of the SCRO scandal. Top of this list comes the fact that a number of their ex SCRO fingerprint experts still cling to the discredited belief that their colleagues were correct in identifying the Shirley McKie (Y7) and Marion Ross (QI2) prints. They do this in the face of an acceptance by Mr. Mulhern and the SPSA, the Crown Office, the Scottish Government and a mass of international experts, enquiries and reports that the identifications are wrong. This failure to accept reality must call into question the integrity and competence of these experts who despite overwhelming evidence continue to support experts who have been proven to be at best incompetent and at worst criminal. What faith can the Scottish public have that more mistakes do not lie undetected in the SPSA files.

· Another of the SPSA problems is that while Mr. Mulhern was attempting to launch the new organisation in the face of considerable police opposition he failed to look after certain employees who by their honesty and integrity had cause to ‘whistleblow’ in the lead up to the SPSA birth. While the SCRO supporters were allowed to work on unchallenged others seeking to expose  that all was not well within the new service were silenced.

· There is little doubt that the judicial enquiry will be carefully followed by the UK fingerprint authorities despite their attempt at pretending nothing is wrong within the profession. As the Fingerprint Society drags them further into the mire  the rattling of a number of skeleton’s  can be heard coming from a number of establishment cupboards.

· The critical issue however still remains the need to ensure that all witnesses are placed on oath. At the Justice 1 Enquiry blatant lies were told and with a few honourable exceptions there was little incisive, informed examination of the testimony. There should be no hiding place for liars and those who seek to in any way hide the truth.
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Big Wullie

Joined: 25 Apr 2007
Posts: 5125

Location: Glasgow

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


We the public and wronged have no faith whatever that there is not other victims of this fingerprint fiasco.

There has never been any big enqiry into the inner workings of SCRO nor has there been any real enquiry into how workers within SCRO were able to sign other workers initials on important documents.

We want to know how long this practice has went on and how many of Ms McBrides other identifications have been scrutinised after the disputed Y7.

How far back should any investigation begin.

I hear the rattling of the bones from the skeletons already.

I agree with all you say in that there should be no hiding place for liars and those who seek to in any way hide the truth.

I watched the last enquiry on Holyrood TV and i am of the same opinion as Iain ie, the last enquiry was a total whitewash with the chair leading questions and interupting when the answer did not suit.

As ever in Scotland we are entitled to voice our opinions.

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