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Forum Moderation Rules

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:31 am    Post subject: Forum Moderation Rules  Reply with quote

As many contributors to the forum will recognise moderation can become an extremely time consuming and onerous task.

Initially I rely on the good sense of the contributors to conduct themselves with honesty, integrity and restraint and to a great extent this operates effectively.

In the final analysis however I cannot and will not identify each and every comment that offends, defames or otherwise annoys readers.

There is an open offer to anyone who finds comments offensive or illegal to contact ADMIN privately via the site. If a valid case is made for action then it will be taken as soon as possible.

Disagreeing with others or others disagreeing with you †do not of course fulfil the offensive criteria.

I came across the following set of guidelines "how to be a bad moderator", and I repeat them here in the belief that it is easier to think about what we donít like rather than what we do..

1. Don't visit the forums you are moderating often. Twice a month is enough. Nobody cares.

2. Don't start new threads at your forum. That's the users' responsibility. You are only there for editing and deleting threads.

3. Argue with users as much as you can. You don't have anything to loose since you are the moderator. Never bring personal matters to private messages. And remember that your opinion is the only one that counts.

4. Don't respect the other members, make fun of them. If they make spelling errors then criticize them, if they have a poor or badly argued opinion destroy them with words. If they ask for help about using the forum don't help them.

5. If nobody answers a thread don't answer yourself, the user didn't wanted an answer anyway.

6. If a user makes a dupe thread in the forum don't be nice, it's the usersí fault not to know the 40+ pages that the forum has in search of a similar thread. And never ever give him a link to the content he is searching for.

7. Don't edit the bad words in posts. Fights are fun!

8. If a user is misbehaving ban him immediately, don't try sending him a private message or a warning, it's useless.

9. Close all the threads you want. Users love to see closed threads.

10. A way to be cool is to talk about the private forum threads in the public forum. Administrators love the fact that you tell all the users about the content of the private threads.

Feel free to comment on them or add any that I am missing. Remember that the purpose is to be a really bad moderator!! †

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